Motivation Monday – Sort and Start Telling the Story

Last week I received a letter and package from the widow of Robert Brouk, who is the focus of my book, To Soar with the Tigers. She sent me a few of Robert’s belongings that he got in Rangoon 1941-1942. I needed to make space in my curio cabinet for these items so I decided this was the weekend to drag out all my big tubs of memories downstairs and sort and organize them.

Here is what I did:

  • Emptied each box, one at a time.
  • Threw out duplicates of items and things I just didn’t need to save.
  • Photographed some items too large to put in a scrapbook.
  • Started scanning some items.
  • Took the time to look through some things I had not before.
  • Sorted the boxes by person – me, husband, each of our parents, each of our children. Now it is no longer a jumbled mess of stuff.

What did I learn?

  • That this is an important activity everyone should do so when you die, your belongings aren’t scattered and unorganized so your heirs do not know what belonged to whom.
  • I am one step closer to created a scrapbook of treasured items with labels so we know the story and person behind them.
  • Gave me a chance to stop working so hard on work and take time for my research.
  • And I believe my kids will appreciate the sorting some day.

Are you sorting, indexing, scanning, photographing, labeling, and preparing  your items for the future? If not, how come?

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0 thoughts on “Motivation Monday – Sort and Start Telling the Story

  1. You’re giving me a push to empty out all those boxes and resort into finer categories than simply “my family” and “hubby’s family.” I have lots of plastic sleeves to encase photos and documents in so I can label and separate. But after the first 100 items, I’ve slowed down. I need to catch up on the labeling and telling the story! Thanks again for the motivation.

    • Jennifer Holik-Urban

      Let us know how that goes and any tips you have as you go through your boxes.

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