Treasure Chest Thursday – Probate File Jan Zajicek

Over the next few Thursdays I plan to share some probate findings for some of my relatives. Have you investigated probate records for your ancestors? You may discover interesting facts such as these:

  • The funeral cost, items paid for, where it was held and where the ancestor was buried.
  • A new relative found in the heir list.
  • Insight into the lifestyle of the deceased.
  • Information that explains why the probate case went on for more than a year.

Each probate case is different and will contain different filings. Jan Zajicek died in September of 1924. His file contains the following:

  • H. Marik & Sons Funeral Bill dated 23 Sept 1924
  • Proof of Heirship dated 20 Oct 1924
  • Will entered into case 21 Oct 1924
  • Certificate of mailing petition dated 21 Oct 1924
  • Memorandum of Order dated 20 Nov 1924
  • Answer of Guardian ad Litem dated 20 Nov 1924
  • Application for Letters Testamentary dated 20 Nov 1924
  • Letters Testamentary dated 20 Nov 1924
  • Appraisement dated 20 Nov 1924
  • Bond of Joseph W. Serhant dated 20 Nov 1924
  • Petition of Proof of Will and Letters Testamentary dated 20 Nov 1924
  • Proof of Last Will and Testament dated 23 Nov 1924
  • Publisher’s Certificate and Affidavit of Posting Notices dated 24 Jan 1925
  • Claim of H. Marik & Sons dated 24 Feb 1925
  • Inventory dated 3 Nov 1925
  • Memorandum of Order dated 4 Nov 1925
  • Final Account of Executor dated 12 Nov 1925
  • Notice to Heirs and Affidavit of Service dated 12 Jan 1926
  • Appearance of Heirs and Legatees. Final Account of Executor dated 13 Jan 1926
  • Report with Final Account of Executor dated 13 Jan 1926

I thought it was interesting to see Jan’s funeral bill and in it that he needed an “extra size casket” and “extra size cypress box”. He wrote his Will five months before he died. He also listed only a few of his grandchildren in his Will to receive money. These grandchildren lost their mother, his daughter, so maybe he felt a little financially responsible for the girls? Who knows.

If you have not investigated your ancestors probate files, it is a task you should add to your to-do list soon.

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