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CaseFile Clues is something I heard about in the early fall of 2010. I sent an email through the website requesting the two free Sample Issues. I got them, briefly looked them over and filed them away to read later. Later never came and they are still sitting on my computer. When Michael asked if anyone would like to review CaseFile Clues I volunteered.

As I sat reading three of the four issues I received, I told myself I should have read those two issues in the fall and subscribed right away! CaseFile Clues offer genealogists of every level the opportunity to learn something new. Each Case provides actual family cases, records used, analysis performed, and a lot of common sense advice that we all “know” but sometimes “forget.”

In Volume 1-Number 18, Mugging the Biography for Clues, Michael discusses what is written in a biography and writes, “…it is noted that the author does not state that the father moved to “White County, Indiana” at an early date, just that he moved to “Indiana at an early date.” Avoid the temptation to read more into something than what is actually there.” I love the last line, avoid the temptation. How often do we read something yet see something else?

Along those lines, in Volume 2-Number 15, 1810-1840 Census Analysis: Thomas Chaney, Michael talks a lot about assumptions. He stresses the fact we should write our assumptions about a person or the research path in our notes. Doing so as we make the assumptions helps us remember that some assumptions are not realistic.

Michael offers the CaseFile Clues subscription for a mere $17 a year. That is less expensive than most genealogy magazines we all subscribe to each year. CaseFile Clues even has a blog so readers can learn more tips and see what’s coming up next!

Many of us are looking for valuable educational experiences without busting our budgets. CaseFile Clues is one of those valuable educational experiences that should not be passed up. I subscribed, will you?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. Michael John Neill twittered asking if anyone would like to review CaseFile Clues on their blog or website. I contacted him through his website and said I would. I immediately received two Sample Issues of CaseFile Clues to read. Michael also sent me two additional ones to provide a variety of reading. I did subscribe this weekend and cannot wait to receive the next issue of CaseFile Clues.

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