Treasure Chest Thursday – Probate File John Holik

I have the probate file for my great grandfather, John Holik. He died 8 April 1930 in Chicago. What hit me right off the bat was in his Will he stated “Estate dived into 6 (six) equal shares to be divided between 5 (five) children. 1/6 to go to Joseph Holik, Marie Holik, John Holik, Anna Holik. 2/6 to go to Frank Holik. In the end, when the final accounting was done, each child got the same amount of the estate. It ended up being five equal shares divided by five children.

John’s probate file contained many of the same filing as Jan Zajicek’s, but included a Security Waved (Bond of Joseph Holik) filing. The entire probate process also began in 1930 but did not end until 5 April 1940. There were some property and money due John that had to be wrapped up before the estate could be closed.

The funeral bill states there were five limousines and one floral car. I wonder who traveled in those limos or was there one for each child? Only one of the children had married by the time John died. Joseph would marry after the funeral.  Questions no one will be able to answer.

Have you looked at your ancestors probate files? Take a look and compare one against the other, especially for those of the same ethnicity. How do the files and funerals differ and how are they similar?

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