Are you Reading?

As researchers we all get so involved in our research that sometimes we forget to read. Read what you ask? Why genealogy magazines, journals, newsletters, and blogs of course!

I recently subscribed to CaseFile Clues and I was able to get prior issues. These issues have been sitting on my computer waiting to be read for a month now. Last night I transferred them to my Nook and sat down to read a couple. Do you know what happened? I had a light-bulb moment!

The case made me think of a similar case in my husband’s family. This has prompted me to conduct a search for one of my husband’s ancestors in a different way to possibly find a record to tell me more about his life. Will I find it? Who knows but I will definitely search.

So if you aren’t reading magazines, journals, newsletters, and blogs, make some time to do so. You never know how someone else’s research or thought process will aid your research.

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One thought on “Are you Reading?

  1. Well, for starters, I read this blog entry! You make a valid point. To add my own bit, I recently read a post or article about mortality schedules from the US and state censuses. I had forgotten about those, and checking through a whole bunch of them did get me a data point on the death of one ancestor who died in 1849 of cholera in Indiana. It did take a lot of looking and I only happened to net one bit of data, but others may have better luck. The Mortality Schedules are spotty in coverage, and it seemed like I happened to hit a lot of places or times where coverage was lacking.

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