Tuesday’s Tip – Record Today’s History

Genealogists take the time to investigate, record, and preserve the past, but what are you doing about the present? This weekend was a great reminder to be present. Take note of what is happening today. Record the thoughts and images.

It was a three day weekend as the 4th of July was yesterday. We celebrated by taking our boys into Chicago to enjoy Millennium Park, the Art Institute, and the Taste of Chicago. We talked, played, ate, and took lots of pictures. It made me remember that I need to record this day in my journal and in my scrapbook. It does not matter that we have taken them to Millennium Park a dozen times before, the scenery and memories are different each visit.

Need some ideas on what to save and record? This is what I am writing about and saving.

  • The Art Institute Visitor’s Guide will be saved and placed in a scrapbook. This will be a good visual to look at later and compare to other guides.
  • Photos of the Chicago skyline. Do you notice it changes ever so slightly at times and very dramatically at others? I look at pictures I took 12 years ago when I moved back here compared to today. What a difference!
  • Photos of my kids in the city. I’m not only recording the differences each summer in how they grow but the variations of scenery in the city. The Millennium Park or Grant Park of last summer is different than the view this summer.
  • Photos of Michigan Avenue buildings. When you visit Chicago, or any city, do you look up or only down and around? Look up and see the gorgeous architecture. Is it the same as what it was when the building was first built or has it changed? What is the history of each building? Does that history impact your family history?
  • Journal entries of our day and special memories. This may appear to be insignificant today but it will mean something to our children and future generations.

Do not forget to record the history of today even as you continue to look to the past.


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0 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip – Record Today’s History

  1. So true, so true. I especially love your statement, “a great reminder to be present.” Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Jennifer Holik-Urban

    Heather, I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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