Motivation Monday – Genealogy Education

This weekend I read several posts by Michael Hait regarding his recent achievement of genealogical certification. I wrote about it on my Family History Research Blog.  His post made me think a lot about my education to this point and my future goals.

Currently I am more than half finished with the ProGen Study Group. It ends in April. I am not quite half through with all three National Genealogical Society Home Study Course CDs. I plan to complete those lessons by the end of April as ProGen ends. I am also attending the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in September.

When I registered for FGS I thought I knew exactly what sessions I wanted to attend. Throw in a few new clients with some interesting research and new personal goals and I modified my sessions three times now! I may even modify once more to attend an APG lecture. There will be so much to learn at this conference I imagine my head will be swimming when I’m done. But I’m SO EXCITED to attend!

Next summer I plan to begin the clock for certification. My future genealogical education plans include taking the Boston University Genealogy Course and attend NIGR one summer soon. I want to investigate the classes at Salt Lake and Samford. There is so much to learn and not enough time!

What are your genealogy education goals? What are you currently working through?

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