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At FGS 2011 I spent some time talking to the makers of I have been able to play with the program online and find it very easy to use.

I pulled up the patent map for Callaway County, Missouri. I added the map to my collection and began looking at it for a set of landowners. I can zoom in and out while viewing the map and the image remains crystal clear.

I placed a push pin in the box where Edward Washington’s name appeared on the Callaway County patent map to mark where he lived. I entered some information such as the year he was there and the reason he was there. You can also add a detailed description.

Within the map viewer you can search by surname and a list of all states with land owners of that surname will appear. Then the user has the option to bring those maps into their map collection.

You have the option to create migration maps by drawing lines from one county to another. This of course does not show you an accurate migration route unless you can specifically pinpoint every county through which your ancestor moved to his destination. But it is a nice way to keep track of where the family came from and where they lived. Within this is a migration player and it will play the drawings of lines from location to location so you can see where the family went.

I do not see any way to print the maps but you can do a screen shot and put the image into Word or Paint or other programs like that.

The program is very easy to use and definitely saves me a trip into the city just to view this collection of books by Arphax. If I had to make a suggestion today I would ask HistoryGeo to add a print function or a way to save a map to your desktop to add to your genealogy program.


Disclosure: I received a complimentary three month subscription to so I could explore its functionality and provide some feedback. I was not compensated for my comments and they are my own.

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