Mobile Monday – Returning to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

A little word-play on Mobile Monday this week. Rather than talking technology, I’m talking travel.

This week I will return to Springfield, IL, for an almost two-day research trip. I took a tour of the Abe Lincoln Library when I was at FGS a few weeks ago and want to go back and do more research.

What will I research? I have probably an hour’s worth of client work to do that. The library has a few books I would like to see that I may not be able to inter-library loan. The rest of the time is all for me.  Being a professional genealogist with children and other daily obligations has left little time in the last few months for me to research my own stuff. I have done a little here and there but this trip is primarily for me.

About 15 years ago I decided I wanted to write articles  or perhaps a book on some aspect of the Czechs in Chicago. I have been submitting articles for the last year to the Czech and Slovak Genealogy Society of Illinois journal, Koreny, and decided it was time to write something a little more in-depth. So I chose a topic to begin researching. The majority of the research will need to be done in Chicago but on the behind the scenes tour at FGS of the library, we were told there is a nice collection of World’s Columbian Exposition materials at the library. So that is what I will go look at.

I also may write something about a few of Chicago’s cultural institutions so have a list of items to look at if there is time.

Finally, the library has many newspapers available on microfilm. Today I need to make a list of Denni Hlasatel newspaper obituaries to find. My side of the family was Czech and I’m sure I will find many great obituaries with maybe even a few pictures if I’m lucky!

Have you traveled somewhere recently to research? Where did you go? What did you find?

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0 thoughts on “Mobile Monday – Returning to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

  1. Enjoy your research trip, Jennifer! Sounds like you have some great goals. I think the Columbian Exposition materials in particular would be fascinating to see.

    • Jennifer Holik-Urban

      Hi Shelly!
      ALPL has a lot of WCE books. A few things in Manuscripts from visitors or people who worked with the WCE. I did look through a photograph book – oversized book – of photos of buildings, insides of buildings, etc. I just wondered where did my great grandma go while she was there – what did she see? You couldn’t see it all in one day. Did she go more than once? Found nothing on the Czechs but looking through the books was fantastic anyway!

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