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This has been a busy week with client work. Actually the last two weeks have been busy. I have been trying to help one person break down a brick wall and another to find Italian roots in Chicago so he can travel to Italy and learn more about the family there. I have also been attending a few genealogy meetings which has led to another project I started that I will discuss in another post.

Wednesday I intended to do a lot of client work and one thing led to another and I was reading blog posts, Tweeting, and chatting with everyone online . I learned about a great new blog and museum curator/genealogist who works a few miles from me. While very little client work was done it was a productive day networking and learning!

What did I learn? Who did I meet?

I met Connie from Rantings of a Middle-Aged College Student. She lives in southwest Missouri and after a few tweets we may meet in person at the Ozarks Genealogy Library in November when I’m down there visiting family.

I also had many emails fly between here and England when I spoke to Brian, the curator at the Lisle Depot Museum in Lisle, IL. The museum is less than five miles from my house! Brian is in his second year of college, curator for a museum, studying abroad this semester and has already spoken at museum conferences. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! When he returns to town in December we plan to meet for coffee. Hearing more about him and his experiences is inspiring. I plan to interview him when we meet and write about him and his work.  Definitely check out his museum blog. If you live in the area stop by the museum for one of the Chicago author talks. I’ll be there next Saturday for sure!

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