Life Can Change in an Instant

I was talking to someone about my Flying Tiger book today and said “Reminds you that life can change in an instant.” The person responded that was very true.

I was discussing the fact that Bob died so suddenly and while his wife watched. But it was about more than that. It is not only about the big things like death that change your life but the other things. Like choosing to end a marriage or someone in the family having a serious disease or issues with children or aging parents.

As family historians we record the lives of our ancestors. Shouldn’t we be doing the same thing for ourselves? Don’t we owe it to our children and grandchildren to tell our stories? Explain our side of why a marriage was ended? Or what happened when a family member had this disease or that disease and how it changed the family as a whole and the individuals? What about job change and loss? What about taking care of special needs children? What about all the other big things that happen in our lives that make profound changes or that force us to re-evaluate things and make changes?

What do you think? Shouldn’t we be recording our side of the story?


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0 thoughts on “Life Can Change in an Instant

  1. Jen, I think you’re right about this. It’s important to record our reasons and circumstances. As a family historian I find the question I most wonder about is “why?” something happened. Taking the time to explain those “whys” for ourselves and those we remember adds substance to our stories.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. So many thoughts and they all point to simply saying that yes, we should. Life changes in an instant.

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