Looking at my 2011 Genealogy Goals

I read Julie Cahill Tarr’s post this week about her 2011 Achievements and 2012 Resolutions and thought I should do a post about my goals for 2011 and then post new ones for 2012.

This post was originally seen on 9 January 2011 on this site.

I was reading Amy Coffin’s We Tree blog and her post about genealogy goals. She encourages us all to copy her and set our own personal goals. The three areas in which she set goals are:

  • One research goal
  • One organizational goal
  • One writing goal

One research goal: To conduct whatever new research is necessary to complete the NGS Home Study Course CD 1 before the end of 2011.

One organizational goal: To create a photobook of my old photos that are scanned.  And on that same idea, to get caught up in making photobooks of my current photos.

One writing goal: To finish my second book which will be about Chicago Genealogy Records, by the end of the summer.

What are your 2011 genealogy goals?


What did I accomplish of those goals? I did complete NGS HSC CD1 this year. In fact I only have four lessons to finish to complete all three CDs.

Creating a photobook of my old photos? I did not create a book but I did scan all my documents and many good photos. They are organized and tagged and ready to put put into a book.

Writing a Chicago Genealogy book. Nope. I wasn’t inspired enough to finish that project. By mid-summer my business had picked up and I was doing a lot more client work and the book was pushed to the back burner.

What will I aim to accomplish in 2012? Stop by Monday and find out!

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0 thoughts on “Looking at my 2011 Genealogy Goals

  1. I followed Amy’s suggestion last year as well, although I added a fourth category (education) and had more than one goal under each category. For 2012, I’m adding another category to my goals, volunteer.

  2. Thank you for the mention! I need to get cracking on my 2012 goals and catch up on blog posts. It’s going to be a great year!

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