Tuesday’s Tip – Read Haunted Springfield, Illinois

I have visited Springfield, Illinois, many times in the last twelve years, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I really toured Springfield. I visited Lincoln’s home, the national park surrounding his home, the Old State Capitol, the new Capitol building, his old law office, and various other places around town. I also spent a considerable amount of time there during the FGS Conference in September. One place that was on my list of places to tour was the Dana-Thomas House. I did not make it there. After reading this book I’m kind of glad. Not sure I could handle a visit there.

I read Haunted Springfield Illinois by Garret Moffett, from The History Press. In some ways I’m glad I read it after I toured most of the Springfield sites. I’m also thinking the Dana-Thomas House is not someplace I really want to visit.

Garret tells the tales of several haunted locations in Springfield and the sighting of several ghosts, including Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was known for having dreams and visions, the most famous being the foretelling of his death. He has also been seen walking around Springfield, Illinois, and the White House. But did you know his body was moved seventeen times after it was buried in Springfield? And five of the times it was moved, a group of men dedicated to ensuring Lincoln’s corpse was not stolen, viewed the body to make sure it was him? I had heard of the Springfield Special ghost train but not that his body was moved so many times.

Did you know several spirits haunt the Dana-Thomas House? Susan Lawrence Dana built the house after her father passed away. It is said her family, and a dark spirit, haunt the home. Both employees and visitors to the home have experience supernatural events. The descriptions sounds too intense for me, even though I do believe in spirits.

Garret also tells the tales of old bars, cemeteries, the current high school, and several other areas in town. The fourteen stories in the book will amaze you. The book was a quick read, one I could not put down. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Illinois history or ghosts.You will not be disappointed.

Disclosure: HistoryPress.net asked several genealogists if they were interested in reading and reviewing some of their publications. I accepted and the company sent me several books to read, review and keep for my library.

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