NGS 2012 Recap Part I

My books on display for sale at Maia's Books NGS 2012.

I attended the National Genealogical Society Conference in Cincinnati last week. Maia’s Books had all of my books for sale and they are featured in the photo to the left.

I drove down Tuesday and stopped near Dayton to visit my aunt. After a nice (but short) visit and lunch I met up with Stephanie Pitcher Fishman at the hotel. From there we met up with several bloggers at the FamilySearch Blogger dinner. Met some wonderful people and heard the update from FamilySearch. It is amazing all the records they are putting online and indexing.

Wednesday morning started out with a meeting with D. Joshua Taylor to discuss the books and how FGS and I could work together to promote them. Josh was given a set of the books to review and he liked what he saw.

I ran into Paul Milner, a Chicago area speaker for a bit before the vendor hall opened. It is always nice chatting with him. Stephanie and I made our way to various vendors to talk about the Generations books and The In-Depth Genealogist. Read a post about the books here from IDG.

Blogger meet up with Jen Alford, Shelley Bishop, me, Michael Hait, Thomas MacEntee, Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

Stephanie and I also attended the ProGen meet-up and had a picture taken with the group. Stephanie started chatting with Michael Hait and the three of us, plus Jennifer Alford, became good friends and spent a lot of time together the rest of the week talking, laughing, and learning from each other. You can read Michael’s blog here and see his website here.

I will say that when Michael posted his thoughts on source citations in December I was not happy with him. I wrote a response to his post on my blog and he and I exchanged several civil comments. At the end of that exchange I was still not happy with him. The impression I had of him from that experience was completely different from the impression I got of him when I met him in person, and I told him this. He is an incredibly humble, intelligent, passionate researcher and writer. The historian and researcher he is, is what I have aspired to be forever. I am very lucky to have met him and become friends with him. There is a lot to learn from him and he’s very willing to share his  knowledge.

This picture is from the Blogger Meet-up in Champs at the end of the day Wednesday. Roughly 20 or so bloggers showed up and some stayed all night while others dropped in for a bit.

So many more things happened and I’ll write about those tomorrow. But, the big take away from that day was that first impressions, especially online, are not always correct. I was reminded that I need to keep a more open mind and try to look at things from the other person’s perspective and not rush to judgment on what they have to say. The other big take away is that genealogists as a group are typically very willing to share what they know if you ask. Engage the ones who have more experience than you or are experts in a particular area. I know we all see some researchers as rock stars. They are just regular human beings like the rest of us. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Ask your questions. Have a conversation. You will both end up learning something and hopefully make a great friend along the way.

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