Track Your Family’s Addresses

Are you tracking your family’s addresses as you find them? It is important to record every address you find, especially if your family lived in the city. Why is it important? It is important when it comes to attempting to confirm or say it is possible an individual is part of a family when you are unsure. Often times, many family members lived together when they first arrived in a city. Some continued to live together even after they were settled.

Not only is it important to track addresses but to realize that sometimes when an address changed, the family did not move. In 1909, Chicago renamed and renumbered its streets. In 1911 it renumbered the Loop area. There are a few address change guides at Chicago Ancestors online for you to use as a reference.

For example, Vito Serritella lived at 107 Ewing Street in Chicago. In 1909 it became 562 Gilpin. The family used Ewing and Gilpin interchangeably for years and the documents and mentions in the newspaper support this fact. Upon first inspection it appears the family moved, but not so. Another example is the DeLeonardis family who lived at 1252 McAlister and then 1252 Lexington. Same building.

Track the addresses of your families, use street guide name changes and maps to locate the places your family lived. Doing so may open up a whole new area of research for you.

Disclaimer: I was given permission by one of my client’s to discuss his project and surnames in an attempt to bring more family members into the project and learn new information.

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2 thoughts on “Track Your Family’s Addresses

  1. Mariann Regan

    Thanks, Jen! I had never thought about addresses being re-named and re-numbered. I guess I’d need address change guides for each particular city or county, but local libraries ought to be able to help me. I’m still not at this level of detail for my ancestors, who were mostly farmers in any case and “out in the country,” but when I get there, I’ll remember your tip.

    • Thank you for stopping by Mariann! Address changes were common in may cities and towns. Something important to always keep in mind when doing research. Sometimes even I forget about it and then it hits me when I just can’t find what I’m looking for. LOL!

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