The Ricigliano, Italy Project Update

I have had so many comments posted, especially in the last week, about the Ricigliano Italians that some decisions have been made. As you may know if you have followed the blog for a while, I started a Genealogy Department at Casa Italia, the Italian Cultural Center in Stone Park, IL, in January. Since that time I have been busy with our volunteers organizing the library and AV materials. That has been completed. The next step is organizing the flat files which contains such amazing things. I plan to have this project complete by the end of summer if not sooner.

In September I will launch a monthly genealogy group and two writer’s groups. You can read a little about the writer’s groups on the Casa Italia blog.

And finally, the newest project is a Ricigliano Collection. I am putting together a guide of what I would like to include in this new collection. I know I will be looking for donations of the following items. We are collecting copies of items unless you wish to officially turn over originals to Casa Italia.

  • Photographs
  • Vital Records
  • Naturalization Papers
  • Military Records
  • Family Histories
  • Any other documents you have
  • Oral Histories – I will be conducting oral history interviews at Casa Italia starting this summer and fall.

The goal right now is to begin collecting materials in May and by this time next year put together a reception or exhibit on the Rigis and our new collection.

Would you like to donate? You can contact me by email.

What Rigi names have I been working on through my client work? There are many but the main surnames are Altier(i) (Galtier), Bagnuolo, Caponigri, D’Ambrosio, DeLeonardis, Iacullo (Yacullo), Indelli, Malpede, Meccia, Pacelli, Palumbo, Parrilli, Pascente, Pintozzi, Rocco, Sabia, Salvatore, Saracco, Serritella, Stolfa, Tortoriello/Turtoriello/Turturiello, Vernieri.

Please note – as a volunteer at Casa Italia, if you need help getting started in tracing your roots, you can schedule a time to come in and get some free assistance from myself or one of the volunteers. Should you need more in-depth research conducted, I am available for hire for that. Several Rigis have worked with me over the last two years on their histories and we have amassed a great deal of information.

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17 thoughts on “The Ricigliano, Italy Project Update

  1. William Saracco

    I am also a Saracco. My family has lived in Chicago for quite some time. Pintozzis ans Serritella are our cousins. The family was from Taylor street area (grand parents) where grand father owned news stand. Grand mother and her children moved to Maple Ave in Oak Park where they all lived for many years.

    My kids now go to casa Italiia for Italin lessons each week!

    • Hi William! Thanks for stopping by the blog. I just sent you an email about the Rigis.

      • William Saracco

        Sat is last lesson 11 – 1230 but we can talk someother time too

    • Sara Sansone

      Hi, William. I just posted information about my husband’s maternal family…Saracco’s from Ricigliano. I wonder if you are related? We live in Atlanta but Joe was born and raised in Chicago, in the Bridgeport neighborhood.

  2. Deb Dean

    My husband is a descendant of both the Piegare and Salvatore families in Ricigliano. You probably already have this, but I have a copy of some census transcriptions of Ricigliano families that was published several years ago.

  3. Mickey Palumbo Hundley

    Hello. I am a descendant of the Palumbo family in Chicago. My grandfather Michelangelo Palumbo and his mother Filomena Mennello sailed from Naples on the Scotia and arrived in NYC 11/11/1902.
    I am just starting my research on Ricigliano. My grandfather was 11 when he left Ricigliano. I am most excited to here about the Palumbo family.

  4. Linda Stein

    My maternal grandmother Genoveva (Jenny) Meccia was born in Chicago approx 1890. Her father, John Meccia, worked on the railroad and was called “John Mitchell” because he had red hair (and one of her daughters, my aunt, had red hair and blue eyes as well). Through the DNA site 23andMe, I learned that her family was probably from Ricigliano. Any information would be appreciated.
    Linda Stein

  5. Kathy Saracco Preissner


    My great-grandparents came from Ricigliano and settled in Chicago. We are also related to the Yacullos. My father Tony Christopher Saracco knows more of the family history and would be happy to speak with you, I’m sure. I would be very interested to hear what you have learned through your research. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  6. Anthony Christopher Saracco

    I certainly would like to talk to you and get information from you and the Casa. My daughter left a reply on 12/31/13. Most of my information is verbal. My daughter gave me a special book that has information about Saraccos in America and I have met other Saraccos in the Chicago area. There’s a Feast at Santa Maria Incornata in September and we have gone to. My father was born in that neighborhood in 1919. The church has been St Therese Chinese Catholic Mission for 40+ years and recently turned over to the Chicago Archdioceses.


    • Hi Tony,
      I sent you an email about your note. Right now I am soliciting materials for the Ricigliano collection at Casa Italia. I’m currently going through all the files there to organize things. As I find pieces that will fit into the Rigi collection I’m adding them. But I’m hoping families will begin to contribute soon too.

  7. Hi,
    I am a Ricigliano, from Jersey City, New living in Southern Colorado.
    My grandfather Bill Ricigliano is from Hoboken, New Jersey . He was born in 1907.
    Any info, or a site I can go to to trace or history..back to Ricigliano, Italy..would be appreciated.
    Bob Ricigliano

  8. Kim Nappi Jackson

    My great grandfather Pellegrino Nappi was born in Risigliano in 1888. In 1906 he came to NY.

  9. Donna Tagler Doan

    My mothers parents Vito Antonio Pacelli and Anna Maria Serritella immigrated from Ricigliano, Italy Nov 28, 1903 I came upon this web sight by accident. So many of the surnames mentioned are part of our family (Indelli, Palumbo, Meccia, Saracco, Parrili, Yacullo) I am curious about the information that is available Her father Vito Serritella lived on Clark St Another address for vitoantonio(Anthony) Pacelli was on Sherman St. I only knew my grandparents address as 7127 S Hermitage Ave while I was growing up

    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have very little information on this family group because it is not directly related to the four Rigi clients who I have been working with the last few years. I know Vito Antonio and Anna Maria (b. 13 Feb 1884) immigrated by 1903. They had at least three kids – Vito b. 1904, Josephine b. 1910, and Maria b. 1912 – based on Chicago church records. There were likely other kids who were born and died due to the gaps between them. Maria married Donald Taglia in 1942. That’s where the info I have stops moving forward. Anna Maria’s parents were Vito Serritella and Maria Saracco.

  10. Donna Tagler Doan

    My grandparents Vitoantonio (anthony)Pacelli. ; also had newsstand near hermitage?)Parents were Vito Pacelli (1841-1895)Marie Josephine Indelli and his grandparents Onofrio Pacelli and Theresa ? My grandmother AnnaMaria Serritella (2-14-1882)parents were Vito Serritella and Maria Saracco Her sister was Vitella Saracco (like to find out more about them. Do know Maria Saracco died 9-14-1889 hit by train grandparents children Vito 5-28-1904 died, William 9-24-1906 died 4-18-1914; Joseph 4-7-1910 died 9-17-1912 ; Marie 1912, Rocco1914, Gertrude1917, Albert1920, Camille 1923, Jean1926. (Marie married toDonald A Tagler (akaDominic A Tagliere not Taglia)

  11. Marci Spencer

    My moms maiden name is Nina Saracco. Her family is originally from Ricigiliano. Her parents were Vera and Frank Saracco from The Chicago area.

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