To Soar With The Tigers Book Update

April 1942. Portion of the War Diary of Flying Tiger, Robert Brouk.

Robert HWpic

Robert R. Brouk, Flying Tiger

“The British had evacuated the place so there was nobody there but our own little gang and luckily two cooks who got something together for us.

Olson and Rogers worked on the planes all night and got them in shape for the next day.

We got up before dawn, had somewhat of a breakfast, got the planes warmed up. The canopy on my plane had blown off and could not be repaired so I was not going to go on the mission, but go back to Loiwing instead.

The three fellows took off at about 6:30 and got on their way. We pushed Shield’s and Older’s ships into the hangar and I went to take off.

The takeoff was normal, but the oil temperature started creeping up so I circled the field a few times and when the temperature hit the peg and the pressure dropped, I decided to come in. I landed way from the hangars, pulled off to a side to park the plane, but then thought it would be better if I put it in the hangar for the fellows to work on, so I started racing back down the runway. As I approached the taxi strip to the hangar, I started to turn when I saw white flashes and hear noises coming from the right side of my engine. My first thought was that my engine had caught fire.

(This should be the end of the diary, because by all rhyme and reasons, I should be dead and not writing any more – but will continue in the next book.)”


Would you like to know Robert’s entire story from birth until his untimely death shortly after the AVG disbanded in July 1942? Watch for updates here on the 2nd edition of To Soar With The Tigers being updated and released soon in paperback and Ebook in regular and NEW large print!

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