Follow Friday – New Ricigliano Chicago Ancestors

I haven’t posted in a while about the work I’m doing on the people from Ricigliano, Italy, although a lot of people left comments in those posts. This morning I received another comment referring to a specific blog where a woman named Anne is trying to identify over 100 of her mother’s old photographs. Not only are photographs involved but also original documents.

Please visit Anne’s blog Welcome to DorothyDe and browse her photo gallery. Can you help identify any of the individuals there? Please try and then if you would be so kind as to come back here and leave a comment as to which photos you identified, it would help others researching these same families.

Who was DorothyDe? Dorothy DeLeonardis was the wife of George Halston. Dorothy’s parents were John DeLeonardis (1895-1960,) who ran the Loyola L newsstand, and Carmella Saracco (1893-1979.)

On another note, I am still running the genealogy program at Casa Italia in Stone Park, IL. This fall I will be putting out a call for original photos and documents to be donated to the Rigi Collection. I have most of the other files in the archive organized.

Please stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Follow Friday – New Ricigliano Chicago Ancestors

  1. Jaci

    Are you still working on this project? My grandfather is a Pintozzi from Chicago. He and his siblings are all still living. His father was from Ricigliano, and his mother was a Meccia, born in Chicago, but her parents were Rigis. Would love to share what we know and learn what you know. I do have some pictures. I believe my grandparents have more.

    • Bill Bagnuolo

      Hi, I remember a Dr. N. Pintozzi, who came to our house alot, on 25th St., to see My grandmother, Mary Bagnuolo, My Aunt Theresa Coco, etc. Pintozzi’s were related, as were most of the people around, the old neighborhood, “Chinatown”, Alexander st., St. Mary Incoronata Church.

      • Hi Bill,
        Thank you for stopping by my blog. Dr. Nicola Pintozzi is who you are referring to. He definitely made the rounds in the Rigi community.

  2. My husband is actually at home in ricigliano at the moment. We go every year as my husband is from there. He left in 1973. His mother and nearly all her sisters who are still alive are still ther. Nearly half the village is related to my husbands family. The school may be closing soon as hardly any children now. Italians are only having 1 or 2 unlike my husbands mum. 1 of 9. After earthquake of 1980 most of the old village gone. Quite modern now. Actually got a chicken and chips quick take away!!

  3. My mother in law is a mecci just reading top reply on your web sit. Ermenenziana Mecci.

  4. Spelt wrong. Ermenenzia Meccia.

  5. Grace P

    I am writing with the permission of Marie Pintozzi Altieri (98), Yolanda Pintozzi DeGiorgio (90) who are the last to siblings of the late Dr. Nicola Pintozzi. They used in Chinatown 24th Place between Princeton and Wentworth; they still attend the feast of St. Maria Incoronata every September. Their father used to have a newstand in Adam and Wabash.

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