Military Monday – Returning WWI and WWII Identification Tags

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Writing Wednesday – Writing Through Life

I am terribly behind on my blog reading and perhaps in 2015 I need to pick a few writing blogs to make sure I read each week. One blog I do enjoy is Writing Through Life by Amber Lea Starfire. I stumbled upon her blog and a book she wrote called Week by Week A Year’s Worth of Journaling Prompts & Meditations in 2014. I ordered her book and use it often, particularly when I feel the need to sort myself out and think about where I am and why I’m doing what I’m doing. Sometimes I use it just to explore all the magic and miracles in my life.

The book is broken into several sections with short chapters with prompts and discussion. The sections include:

  • Getting Started
  • Self-Awareness
  • Authenticity
  • Family and Relationships
  • Obstacles and Opportunities
  • Seasons and Holidays
  • The World
  • Spirituality
  • Moving Forward

Each chapter within the sections starts with a short quote. Amber share some thoughts about the topic and provides a list of prompts or things to consider and write about. You do not have to use this book in order but choose the area that calls to you when you sit down to write.

Amber’s website contains blog posts, writing resources, book information, and course information. Her blog posts, I think, supplement the book in some ways. She provides tips on taking your writing deeper and to new levels. And, like her book chapters, her posts end with prompts or questions to consider when you write.

Finally, one blog post I really enjoyed that is simmering in my brain is “10 Reasons You’ll Want to Transcribe Your Handwritten Journal.” While I read my old journals, especially the ones I wrote since I moved out and finalized my divorce, I never thought about transcribing them to more fully understand my journey from wife to single woman. I keep thinking about writing a memoir or something and if I transcribed my journals since I moved out, what nuggets of gold, bits of magic, and miracles would I discover? How would traveling back in time affect me now? Would I feel sorry for myself at certain points in time or great pride at all I have struggled with and overcome? This may need to go on my 2015 To-Do list and see what emerges.

Have you used this book or website? What did you think? Is there another prompt book or website you would recommend?

© 2015, Jennifer Holik, Woodridge, IL

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Military Monday – New WWII Research Book Coming Soon!

Cover Vol 1In just a few weeks I am releasing a new book! Stories from the World War II Battlefield. Volume 1: Reconstructing Army, Air Corps, and National Guard Service. Just shy of 300 pages, the book contains dozens of pages of record examples and tips to help you begin research.

You can view the Table of Contents on my website. Stay tuned for the release date!

© 2015, Jennifer Holik, Woodridge, IL


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