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I offer programs in one and two hour sessions for World War II topics, kids and adult beginning genealogy, and connecting the generations through genealogy. 

World War II Programs
2014 is the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, The Battle of the Bulge, and the 100th Anniversary of World War I. Has your library or society considered how you will honor our veterans and their families this year and next? I am available to present your choice of two to four military workshops in a seminar day. Contact me for available dates and fees.

The Day That Lived in Infamy. Navigating Basic World War II Military Records
Note: This is a one hour program.
All the records did not burn! Learn how to research your military ancestors through military records, books, photographs, and family stories. This program will cover the basics of all branches and the most commonly used records to start your research.

The Day That Lived in Infamy. Navigating Basic and Advanced World War II Military Records
Note: This is a two hour program.
All the records did not burn! Learn how to research your military ancestors through military records, books, photographs, and family stories. This program will cover the basics of all branches and look at more advanced records to help research your soldier’s story.

Finishing the Story
Tracing the life of a World War I or II soldier can be challenging. Many researchers are unaware of the many records and resources available outside of the usual genealogical record sources. Explore the lives, service, and deaths of three soldiers, through the usual genealogical records and learn about numerous military resources available. Through a brief reading from her new books Stories of the Lost and The Tiger’s Widow, Jennifer will demonstrate how to write the stories of your Soldier.

Stories of the Lost
A continuation of “Finishing the Story,” we will explore the records available to tell the stories of those who died in service. We will also discuss those who took care of our Soldier Dead, the Graves Registration Service men and the records they created. Learn about their job and the reasons it took so long to have our soldiers repatriated and what happened to the personal effects during the course of recovery and repatriation.

Full Day of Military Programs
Book two to four programs in a day starting with The Day That Lived in Infamy. Navigating World War II Military Records and moving to Finishing the Story then Stories of the Lost and finally an hour of Q&A with the program attendees to answer questions, suggest resources, and break down brick walls.

Starting in the Fall of 2015 you can add any of the upcoming programs to the day.

Email for rates and possible dates.

New Programs For Fall 2015

World War II Stories
Learn how to organized your World War II research whether it is paper or digital files. Then learn ways to write the story of your military ancestor.

Traveling Through Time: Navigating the Footsteps of Your World War II Ancestors
Jennifer Holik will take you on a trip through time describing how she uncovered the stories of some of her World War II ancestors and others who were lost. Then take you into the present on her trip to Europe as she describes the trails she traveled in the footsteps of these brave men and women.

Stories of the Lost and Found
Hear the stories of three more World War II soldiers and the records used to tell their stories. Virginia Brouk, a Women’s Army Corps soldier. Joseph Holik, U.S. Naval Armed Guard sailor. And, 2nd Lt. Fred Davis, a bomber pilot who was lost over Europe.  Joseph and Fred’s full stories will be in an upcoming book, the third of the Stories of the Lost series, Stories of the Lost and Found with a few additional stories.

Serving Proudly! Women in Service and on the Home Front During World War II

Women at home and in service are often overlooked as we research our military ancestors and the wars through which they lived. Learn about women on the home front and in service (WACS, WAVES, Red Cross, SPARS, Nurses, and others) in this lecture. You will even go home with a few writing prompts to get you thinking about researching and writing your female military stories.

Genealogy for Kids and Adults

Engaging the Next Generation: Inspiring a Love of Genealogy in Children and Grandchildren
Adult genealogists repeat over and over, “I wish I would have asked my grandma…..” In Engaging the Next Generation, learn ways to engage children and grandchildren in their family history through age appropriate activities and research.

Connecting Children With Their Past
Join us for a one hour program for children grades 4th – high school to learn how to start researching family history. Learn how to complete the charts required for your research and hear stories about locating additional information on your family. Parental or guardian participation is encouraged.

Italian Research

La Famiglia – Beginning Italian Genealogy Research
Join us for an overview of how to begin researching your Italian ancestors in the U.S. before jumping across the pond. Learn about naming patterns, tips on locating the village or origin and surnames.

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